Indie Air Radio

We are proud to be an Indie Air Radio artist associate! You can hear our music as a regular part of the lineup over at Additionally, if you are an Indie Air member, you can view a recording of the concert we performed in their studio back in December 2014, by accessing their VIP Lounge Concert Room.


Our music is occasionally featured in the popular Echoes radio show.

KCDA Local Lounge

Head on over to where you can listen to the February 8, 2015 broadcast of our appearance on KCDA’s Local Lounge. While there, you can also hear a few extra songs that weren’t included in the original radio broadcast!

Spokane Public Radio

From time to time, you can hear our music on The Nacho Celtic Hour over at Spokane Public Radio. Every once in a great while, they even has us in for an interview and studio performance.

If you would like to use or feature our music on your station, radio show, podcast, advertisement, etc., please contact us.

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