KCDA Local Lounge

“Each man’s style incorporates intricate finger-picking, fretboard tapping, harmonics, and percussive effects. One might think that the combination of the two would sound too busy, but that’s far from the truth. Despite both of them being virtuosos, they have also mastered the arts of restraint, taste, and mutual reinforcement. Basically, these two friends perform as one.”
– Matt Loi, 103.1 KCDA Local Lounge

Nightlife Network Magazine

We honored to have been selected as a featured artist for Nightlife Network Magazine’s November 2015 issue. Once released, you can read the issue on Nightlife Network’s website at You can also see us mentioned in the Nightlife Network videos below.
November Issue Promo

Weekend Preview for November Episode #1

We close out the video at the 13 minute mark

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